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Respect the individual

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Leading Lean – Leaders Must Be Teachers

This sounds very interesting, very wise. I look forward to read the next posts on the topic. Posted by Matt Wrye at Beyond Lean: Leading Lean – Leaders Must Be Teachers

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Stress Kills Learning, Change, and Improvement

The door to the closet was a bit open, so he elegantly pushed it slightly with his heel while passing it. A few steps later he stopped, as he noticed that the door had jumped open again. Being determined to fix … Continue reading

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Lean IT: Start Here!

IT people live in a changing world: new technologies appear all the time, new software versions and short lived hardware means that they must spend a lot of effort on just following all changes – and even more on staying … Continue reading

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Steve Bell’s “Run Grow Transform” – More than just Lean IT

The best book available about Lean IT! I suggest that anyone interested in the topic reads this book because it adds that often missing dimension to it: how is the organization actually going to make this work?

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Value Stream Management and Readiness

This evening I did something which is seemingly a bit foolish, but which is nevertheless characteristic for me: instead of reading one of the 200 books I have piled up for future reading I again browsed through one of those … Continue reading

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Lean Literature Quiz

Do you know your Lean literature? Are you ready to prove it? Try the Lean Literature Quiz and see if you know enough to pass! Have fun with it, and good luck! Btw., there was initially an error in question … Continue reading

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