Survey about Learning in Networks – Please Participate!

The No Crisis Company is performing a survey about the value of personal and professional networks with regards to learning.

The results will be used for blog posts, white papers, and for developing and improving services for our clients.

Please participate – and help us develop this new and exiting area. Thank you!

Click here to take part in the online survey

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Leading Lean – Leaders Must Be Teachers

This sounds very interesting, very wise. I look forward to read the next posts on the topic.

Posted by Matt Wrye at Beyond Lean: Leading Lean – Leaders Must Be Teachers

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The Four Types and their Hovering Leader


Being Genuine Requires Honesty – To Yourself

Reducing complexity

During recent years, leadership has been through a revision: instead of just copying the archetype (or rather stereotype) of a strong leader, any leader is now expected to find and show empathy and even compassion for their sub-ordinates and to give room for individuality. Continue reading

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A Break in Time


Luxury is a rain in the night
A heavenly water
Which solves all problems
I promise you
A remarkable phenomena

Continue reading

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#lis2013 Interview Series : Daniel Breston

Daniel Breston is an important figure in Lean IT – see the interview with him here and learn how and why he engaged with Lean in IT.

See the video at The Hypertextual: #lis2013 Interview Series : Daniel Breston Continue reading

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Stress Kills Learning, Change, and Improvement

re-transformatorThe door to the closet was a bit open, so he elegantly pushed it slightly with his heel while passing it. A few steps later he stopped, as he noticed that the door had jumped open again. Being determined to fix this problem, he went back and pushed it with both hands, a bit harder this time. Again it jumped open.

His eyes began to show some distress while his mind narrowed in on this problem. Whatever he was heading for was forgotten – now only one thing counted: closing that door! He slammed it, hard, just to see it jumping wide open again.

Continue reading

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Organisational Happiness

If youGardener want to be happy…

If you want to be happy for just a while – there are many things that will make you smile. Life’s passing pleasures lie all around and there’s many a brief joy to be found.

But if endless happiness is your aim – a joy that burns with a lasting flame – it’s a garden you’re wanting, a patch of ground to plant and sow as the years come around.

For every hour on such labour spent – will yield a harvest of rich content. When it’s time to rest and your strength gives out – you’ll still have the garden to dream about.

Patience Strong aka Winifred Emma May

When studying leadership philosophies, process improvement methodologies and other things to do in order to make an organisation work it always strikes me how short-sighted and limited each such approach typically is. Continue reading

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Lean IT: Start Here!

9781439817568IT people live in a changing world: new technologies appear all the time, new software versions and short lived hardware means that they must spend a lot of effort on just following all changes – and even more on staying on top of them and be able to advise their customers and users.

During recent years there has additionally been a lot of almost revolutionary activities in the process domain: method based project management, agile thinking, CMMI, IT Service Management/ITIL, and more has been on the daily agenda. And what to do with all the process improvement activities and changes in management philosophies used in the business? How to adapt to all that? Continue reading

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Steve Bell’s “Run Grow Transform” – More than just Lean IT

fish-ecological-versThe best book available about Lean IT! I suggest that anyone interested in the topic reads this book because it adds that often missing dimension to it: how is the organization actually going to make this work? Continue reading

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The KISS of Death – How Simplicity Can Ruin Everything

36732380“Keep It Simple, Stupid!” is a motto with many followers. The funny thing about the KISS principle is that it sounds right, but it isn’t! Continue reading

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How Long is “Continuous”? – On PDCA

VultureCartoon-newSome people have problems with anything that requires patience: they want it all, and they want it now, as Queen was once singing. What does PDCA mean to them?

Actually, PDCA should be the darling of these people, as it will almost for certain lead to getting something almost now, and in the long run they will get all that is possible to get out of it. A traditional project will in any case take a long time and most likely fail.

But still, “continuous” sounds like “endless” and this idea seems too difficult to grasp for a lot of people. Continue reading

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Sharing Thoughts Requires Thinking

Dilbert%20comicsMost communication is thoughtless! Or maybe it isn’t, but it is based on simplicity – because a trend nowadays is to believe that a complex message will not be understood.

Simplicity can be great: boiling down a long discussion to its essential meaning and conclusion is often needed in order to even know what that conclusion might be. But trying to save time by jumping right to it is not the way forward. Continue reading

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Which Leadership Approach is Better?


Dilbert is very clear on this topic! Still, I cannot help feeling that it would be a pity if business leaders would stop reading those books on “the rules of leadership”. Some of them never read anything, and maybe some of them are natural talents – born leaders – who cannot learn anything from others. But most of them both could and should… Continue reading

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Lean IT and ITIL – Stopping the Negative Spiral

research-noTxtGood news for those who are hungry for more books about Lean IT and ITIL! Continue reading

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Value Stream Management and Readiness

Frog-not-readyThis evening I did something which is seemingly a bit foolish, but which is nevertheless characteristic for me: instead of reading one of the 200 books I have piled up for future reading I again browsed through one of those I have already read.

I did that on a sudden impulse: what struck me was that even this magnificent book was of the silver bullet kind, proposing a fixed solution to whatever your problem is. Continue reading

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