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There is something very exciting going on right now: during the recent years a definition of Lean IT has begun to find its shape.

Lean IT is a very big topic! It comprises not only standard Lean in an IT department, it tries to embrace everything taking place in the IT domain, including such areas like

  • Analysis and the integration of IT and the business
  • Development, software and architecture
  • Project management
  • Service management, support
  • The role of IT and the IT department in a lean organization
  • Lean ERP, Lean data management, Lean Business Intelligence
  • And more!

Everything has to be reconcidered and reshaped in order to become lean or fit in to the organization’s Lean activities, which is a bit harder for IT than for many other business functions, because the number of repetitive tasks, so elegantly handled by standard Lean, is very limited in IT.

Knowing what Lean IT consists of and what it requires is a precondition for being able to plan and prepare for it. As with Lean in general, Lean IT is not a “thing” that can be bought and implemented, and then it is there. It is a mindset and that must be developed while maintaining a delicate balance between getting excited about this new ideology and still maintaining a proper service level towards the business.

Extending this mindset a bit further will mean that the borderline between IT and the business will evaporate and both will become part of the same value streams.

All in all, the idea of Lean IT gives us a lot to think and talk about!

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  1. Henrik Hartvig Jørgensen says:

    You are quite right Jørgen, these times offers a unique not to say inevitable opportunity to smoothe the operation, especially when it comes to accepting that IT and the core business is one and the same eventually, or rather will become just that.

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