This blog is here to discuss all the different things necessary to consider before establishing projects or change processes. Most of those end up in failure. And why? For a million reasons, unfortunately, so there exists no one silver bullet to fix it all, sorry!

But there is a number of misunderstandings and common mistakes to avoid if the project or process should at least have a chance. And this is what The No Crisis Blog is all about. Such good and reasonable things to think about – matching exactly what The No Crisis Company was dealing with.

In order to describe the reasons, the misunderstandings, and the mistakes, as well as the results, resolutions and corrective actions, I will touch areas like analysis, learning, people, processes, philosophies and the management of projects, change, programs, portfolios, and products, as well as other kinds of management.

Philosophies and processes might get a tendency to circle around Lean, Lean IT, Six Sigma, and ITIL/IT Service Management, but many others will definitely be within reach, as will the idea of philosophies itself.

You might see thought provoking claims, tips and tricks, guidelines, book reviews, and a lot more. And it is all open for discussion. See this blog as community participation and marketing as well as an opportunity for me to gather voices of the customers as well as voices of everybody else – hopefully a polyphonic choir, or even a cacophony, consisting of a multitude of thoughts and opinions, sharing a lot of knowledge.

More thoughts on what could appear here was unwinded in the welcome post. It can be added that the blog is in English and Danish.

And who is writing? Well, I am Jørgen Winther, former owner of The No Crisis Company – a now closed consulting company based in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. I expect to add something interesting to the blog occasionally.

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