A Break in Time


Luxury is a rain in the night
A heavenly water
Which solves all problems
I promise you
A remarkable phenomena

Luxury is a brake in time
in the middle of the stride
a look that makes me smile
I promise you
A rare orchid

The question of luxury is a feeling
Luxury – luxury is a nuance

Luxury is a kiss on the cheek
A word in the wind
Which makes a heart beat
I promise you
It happens now and then

Luxury is a day on the run
With all senses
Open to a romance
I promise you
It is out there somewhere

I see a value
In every little thing by itself
I see a value
And that luxury I will afford myself
I see a value
In every little thing by itself
I see a value
And that luxury I will offer to you
That is luxury

Hansson de Wolfe United was a rock band in Sweden long ago. The album “Container” was published in 1984 where they had already been on the rampage for a while. From there, the song “Lyx” has been poorly translated by me above. This was academic rock, a kind of very intellectual texts put on a very smooth rock sound, suitable for the dance floor as well as more calm cafés.

What they were singing about in this song was something that has been forgotten by most people since 1984. Remember, those were yuppie times – after those came other times, which were all stressful and devastating to ordinary, thinking people.

Those were the machine times, where “Feeling like a robot” by Kraftwerk was the signifying song for most employees in office positions of all ranges and kinds.

The luxury of feeling a feeling, feeling a nuance, feeling the rain in the night, a break in the time… This is what busy people of today need. Hansson de Wolfe United felt this 29 years ago. I guess most of us did. Shame on us that we didn’t react on our feelings!

We knew then how the world could become better and we didn’t tell. We didn’t react, we didn’t care about the future. We just tried to benefit the most from what we thought would be the way ahead to fulfill all of our personal dreams.

It wasn’t. Hansson de Wolfe United were right: the luxury of enjoying the moment was the necessary part that we missed in planning our busy lives. Now it is being reinvented in mindfulness and other stress-relieving activities. But trust me: those old soft Swedish rockers knew.

And you won’t find this record online… not even on a CD. You must go to the attic an find your old grammophone – and be lucky to find a copy of the record somewhere out there.

This record is itself a luxury in time, a rare orchid… make sure that your life becomes such one too. You and your loved ones are most likely worth it.

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