Lean IT, ITSM/ITIL and BI in one sentence :)

Value-feetLean IT covers ITSM/ITIL and BI seamlessly

Okay, I know that doesn’t say much, but it is one sentence, right?!

I put a small quiz out on Twitter (Who can combine #lean #itsm or #itil and #businessintelligence one sentence?), and this is the solution to it – or, actually, one possible solution. Because real consultants respect difference, and you just might happen to be different from what I had in mind when writing this. I will respect you for that.

I also have another solution. A better one, I think. The real point here is of course that they should all be value oriented – they should all carry value, as the graphics shows – or in one sentence:

Lean IT, ITSM/ITIL and BI all deliver maximum value through PDCA – the learning cycle

PDCA circleAnd now we are getting into something! What makes your life with any of these ideas worth living is the concept of continous improvement. PDCA, or the Deming-cycle, as it was called by the Japanese Lean pioneers, is a tremendiously simple concept. How could anything that simple really carry any VALUE for the business? Well, it could and it can because it shows people that the end is just a new beginning, so to speak. You are never done with improving, everything leads to a new understanding, which you must use for making a new improvement plan – forever!

The new thing here is that BI belongs to the PDCA concept. Why is that? Quite simply, because the same conditions apply to reports as to process or service design and execution: you learn from what you do, and you must apply what you learn to the process/service/report/whatever in order to use it or pass it on with a clean consiousness.

So basically it is all about showing respect for people by continously improving through the learning you gain from… what? The problems, errors, faults! Lean IT, ITSM/ITIL and BI are, hence, best served by accepting that there are problems in this world and that you can fix them, step by step. No more heroic acts, no more fixed targets for projects. Accept small steps, accept errors, accept PDCA, accept that you are always in the process of learning – and you will experience success with each of the concepts.

But there must be more to say to this? What do you think?

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  3. I really like the comments in various blogs and websites – and the re-publications of this post. But maybe it would make sence to some that the post is not really about learning IT, it is about Lean IT. Please take a look at the menu of this blog – and click on the Lean IT menu item. Happy reading – and I am looking forward to more comments 😉

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