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There is no silver bullet to get rid of the beastGreetings, everybody!

This blog is meant to discuss all the different things necessary to consider before establishing projects or change processes. Most of those end up in failure. And why? For a million reasons, unfortunately, so there exists no one silver bullet to fix it all, sorry!

But there are a number of misunderstandings and common mistakes to avoid if the project or process should at least have a chance. And this is what the blog is all about. Such good and reasonable things to think about.

And speaking about thinking: often projects and change processes are being established without much thinking. Without much analysis. So, different people in the organization are moving in different directions, because they all believe that they know what to do – and that the others are wrong. Many conflicts appear along the way, often leading to a crisis, which could have been avoided by an initial analysis. I am particularly fond of using systems thinking, for instance Soft Systems Methodology, to uncover areas of disagreement and establish accommodation between people, before starting up any project or change process. The blog will discuss this whole area of analysis.

When an organization is change adept, when it is a learning organization, it seems to be much better capable of handling change – and projects. Maybe not surprising, but still interesting. So the blog will discuss the learning organization and how to establish an open and honest learning culture.

And what happens when a project is established as an isolated entity, running competely out of sight of the daily operations – just to finish some day by delivering a product of some kind? Nobody apart from the project team feel any kind of obligations towards that product, and it will fail to become a success, even if the project itself was a success. So the blog will discuss how to arrange a project in a better way.

Lean, Six Sigma, ITIL, and many other management and quality methods and ideologies are being “implemented” in organizations everywhere. Often by command from the top, focusing on one department at a time and harvesting the low hanging fruits through simple tools. And then nothing happens. At least, nothing happens that involves the common employee, who easily feels left out of the equation while the managers and consultants are having an endless line of meetings, only now and then measuring something or telling how to move a machine. The blog will discuss why this cannot lead to anything good.

And, finally, the blog will discuss a variety of topics around Process Excellence in general, along with specific – and sometimes technical – details on one or the other method or tool.

This blog will be in English and Danish. Not all posts will be in both languages so it pays to check the other one too if you feel comfortable with it.

And who is writing? Well, I am Jørgen Winther, former owner of The No Crisis Company – a now closed consulting company based in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

Looking forward to meet you, talk to you, listen to your comments, and share knowledge!

Kind regards,

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