The Neo-Generalist – A revolutionary book

The MatrixThe beauty of multiple, movement, and change

The Neo-GeneralistWe all know that the young apprentice starts out as a generalist – someone without any particular skills – and then, gradually, moves towards specialism in order to one day become a master in his or her field. We know that this is the way it must be, that the world needs those specialists and just have to accept for a short while how people are not yet there – but soon will be. We know that everyone belongs into a box, a type.

We also all know that the Earth is flat, that money grows on threes, and that the moon is made of green cheese.

In general, we know a lot of nonsense. Society is pushing us into accepting a wealth of so-called facts about life and we add to those ourselves because it makes our lives easier. Continue reading

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Why GE had to kill its annual performance reviews after more than three decades

Dilbert's yearly performance review

Yearly performance reviews come in many shapes… they could probably all, with benefit, be replaced with a closer and better dialogue in the daily work life. The comic strip is from an article with the opposite opinion.

“…we think over many years it had become more a ritual than moving the company upwards and forwards”.

This is what happens to many ideologies in companies – either they are never believed and quickly dies out, or they are believed to a level where they have no foothold in reality – and, hence, are being maintained far beyond the point where it should have been clear that they do no good. Continue reading

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How to say what really matters? By listening!

Common language is not about words

Apart from all the things we say in daily life – things without any real meaning but which serve a social purpose, such as please, thanks, you’re welcome – there are lots of more things to say if your team should be able to accomplish anything. Continue reading

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Everybody will make their own path

The title is a cite taken from a comment to a post today at LinkedIn. The post was by one of my connections and was about various things he didn’t like too much about LinkedIn and which he suggested them to change. Continue reading

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Trying hard to look like a success – about women’s rights, gold-trousers, and real values

It was a late evening, I was zapping around on the TV and found by accident a program about women’s equal rights (or the lack of them) in the USA. Continue reading

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Welcome to the World Pendulum blog! | World Pendulum

May I introduce – a new blog!

Welcome to the World Pendulum blog! | World Pendulum.

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Respect the individual

Groups don't think - people do

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Seeing everything clearly from a moment of observation

Many years ago, a great book was written: “The Fifth Discipline”, by Peter Senge. I didn’t read it then – have read it only recently – but I understand how important this book and its thoughts have been for the development of a better understanding of certain things in companies. Continue reading

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One World – Everybody Likes Projects and Change

Visitor distribution at - all times

While excluding all the specifics, I thought that I would share with you how the statistics for The No Crisis Blog looks like at present – this is an all-time-count. Continue reading

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Are you Prey or Predator?

screen-shot-2013-06-11-at-9-44-40-amIt’s a lazy afternoon at the savanna. The sun is baking, it is tremendously hot but luckily there is still a bit of water left in the waterhole. The lions are relaxing – cats of any kind and size really know how to look relaxed. They have found a slightly cooler place in the shadow of a tree. They have been eating recently and need nothing more from life right now. Life is a bliss, they feel comfortable. They are in their comfort zone. Continue reading

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Easy Collaboration and Successful Projects

Why Projects Fail

It is quite funny, actually, how almost all talking around project management is focused on methods and frameworks like Prince2, PMBoK, and IPMA. But when you ask project managers why their project failed they almost always mention the lack of communication as the main reason, often along with a lack of support from their superiors.

And what is the result of a failed project? Continue reading

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The Mythical Specialist

Apple_theory2_FritsALAs a consultant I often hear people tell about their needs for “a specialist” in one or another topic. They might need a specialist in Windows or in Project Management, but no matter what they are looking for, they are almost in panic over the risk of getting a generalist instead. Continue reading

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The Games We Play – And other stories

storytelling-sport-footballWhen you step into your office, the games begin. Apart from various rituals that could be considered kind of games – like saying “good morning” – there are more abstract and sometimes quite childish games in play at work.

The first one might take place when you enter today’s first meeting, about strategy. Continue reading

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The Value of Methods and Frameworks

Sailor-beached-let-goThere is much discussion nowadays on the value of PMP, PRINCE2, and various other certifications. And for good reasons, as you will experience both being acknowledged, being criticized – and being ignored – after having spent a massive amount of time and energy to get them.

So what should you do? Get the certificate and run? Continue reading

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How Long is “Continuous”? – On PDCA

VultureCartoon-newSome people have problems with anything that requires patience: they want it all, and they want it now, as Queen was once singing. What does PDCA mean to them?

Actually, PDCA should be the darling of these people, as it will almost for certain lead to getting something almost now, and in the long run they will get all that is possible to get out of it. A traditional project will in any case take a long time and most likely fail.

But still, “continuous” sounds like “endless” and this idea seems too difficult to grasp for a lot of people. Continue reading

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